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A consistent force within the Australian metal/rock scene since 2007,  pioneering the revival of  80’s influenced metal and rock, ELECTRIK DYNAMITE vowed to summon the spirit of true rock ‘n roll, whilst combining it with the technical proficiency of traditional heavy metal – all with a current and modern production.
In 2011 they released their debut album, aptly titled “Hair.Denim.Sex.Metal”, which spawned the singles “Midnight Rider”, “Built To Rock” and “Love is Fire”. Blazing a trail across Australia on the back of HDSM quickly strengthened the band’s live reputation, with critics quickly labelling the band “exciting”, “not to be missed”, “passionate” and “thoroughly entertaining”, whilst the album garnered the respect of media types comparing the band to modern day acts such as “Avenged Sevenfold”, “Trivium” and “Bullet For My Valentine”.
The group released their debut EP in 2007, entitled “Electrify The Night”, selling out within weeks to die-hard fans. 2010 saw them signing to Australian label, New Justice Records before releasing Hair.Denim.Sex.Metal -- whilst continuing to spread the party vibe of ELECTRIK DYNAMITE to audiences across the country, supporting Black Veil Brides, The Misfits and LA Guns, along with touring alongside local heavyweights Thy Art Is Murder and LORD, amongst others.
Early in 2012, however, – original member, and founding frontman, Ryan “Maverick” Reeve decided to call it quits, citing family, work and lifestyle changes, which left the band with the gargantuan task of filling his shoes. With a stroke of good fortune, and the right timing, a replacement was swiftly made, and enigmatic frontman Dan Brittain, would join the band not long after.
ELECTRIK DYNAMITE with Danny B will make their recorded debut on the two track single “Steel of Fortune / Showgirls”, scheduled for release around April, before hitting the studio mid year to record the sophomore follow up to “Hair.Denim.Sex.Metal”.
2013 is shaping up to be a huge year for the band, with no break in sight.  With the world opening their arms and ears to the era where music was fun once again, ELECTRIK DYNAMITE’s time is now.
Combining an energy not seen since Guns ‘n Roses, the brash youthful musical virtuosity of such acts as Van Halen, Def Leppard and Iron Maiden, with a modern sound, production and attitude reminiscent of Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium, delivering a totally unique sound unheard of before – infectious hook laden 3 part vocal sections, face melting guitar gymnastics, 80’s flavoured keyboard melodies all tied in with a thunderous drum and bass section – these 5 dudes and 1 dudette are ready to rock ‘n roll wherever the party takes them!